control risks, create value

Ditesco understands the importance of identifying, assessing and prioritizing risk associated with each project.

We routinely work with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to develop risk management plans associated with complex construction activities. Our team also performs constructability reviews for contract documents before they are released for construction.

On a number of past projects we have been asked to participate as an expert witness during various stages of post construction litigation. That said, we believe the single best way to manage project delivery is to proactively identify, address and mitigate risk to avoid a construction claim situation. Our project involvement is most valuable when we are part of the project team from the onset. With this approach, we can minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of risk events.

Often times, our involvement also works to maximize the realization of opportunities as a different perspective is added to the team. By being an integral part of our client’s organizational project process we are able to address uncertainties in a proactive, results oriented manner.

We believe by positioning projects correctly our team is able to create immense value for our clients and their customers.

reduce project uncertainty and risk