doing it right

Ditesco realizes that a successful project isn’t just the ability to meet budgets and schedules.

More than costs and deadlines, Ditesco believes in seeing a project to completion where quality assurance and control are equally important. We believe the longevity and servicability of any project is determined by the quality in which it was originally designed and constructed.

Our team is trained to evaluate each element of a project to meet the specifications set forth and to provide input where practices could be improved.

Further, our team has the credentials to perform varying inspections and provide remedies or solutions where needed.

Our inspection services include:

- structural concrete
- structural steel
- masonry
- coating systems
- pipelines/utilities
- HBP and concrete pavement
- earthwork
- controlled blasting
- plumbing
- rough electrical
- building code compliance certification

Focused on quality and functionality for lasting projects