water treatment

Water...critical to our livelihood.

Our work in the field of water treatment spans management of conventional WTP process improvements to microfiltration, storage tanks and UV treatment.

careful attention to detail

29th Street Tank Rehabilitation
Cost: $381K
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Completed: 2015

Services Provided: Project Management, Resident Engineering
Description: Improvements to the 29th Street clearwell tank, including removal and coating of the entirety of the interior, various structural repairs to steel roof support beam connections, and additional safety and access improvements.

Soldier Canyon Sludge Collector
Cost: $58K
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Completed: 2015

Services Provided: Design/Construction Management
Description: This project consisted of replacing an existing sludge rake system with a new trac-vac collector including piping, drain and valve modifications.

Water Treatment Plant Expansion - Phase II
Cost: $24 Million
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Completed: 2016

Services Provided: Project Construction Management, Resident Engineering
Description: 8MGD expansion of the existing water treatment facility including modifications to flocculation/sedimentation basins; new chemical feed building; new filter building; new soda ash feed system and filtration drying beds.

Dillon Valley District Water Treatment Plant
Cost: $3 Million
Location: Dillon, Colorado
Completed: 2014

Services Provided: Project Management
Description: Managed upgrades to the Dillon Valley District Water Treatment Plant to include an enhanced micro-filtration process that treats up to 1 million gallons of water per day.

Soldier Canyon Tank #2 Rehabilitation
Cost: $400,000
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Completed: 2013

Services Provided: Project and Construction Management
Description: Management of the removal and coating of interior portions of the 1.5 million gallon steel Clearwell Tank #2 on the Soldier Canyon Filter Plant site, as well as structural repairs.

Water Treatment Plant photo courtesy of City of Loveland